Allows display output to an externally connected display for compatible 3rd party apps. Ability to copy and paste full quality videos from camera into email. On iPod Touch the Voice Memos app now successfully records audio if a microphone is connected after starting the application. Zoom, magnifies entire screen on any app up to 5 times normal size. Move left, right, up, and down to view any portion of the screen close-up. Spotlight SearchSaves its last search results and offers options for excluding applications from searches.

The iOS keychain is a database of login information that can be shared across apps written by the same person or organization. This service is often used for storing passwords for web applications. IOS, in combination with its specific hardware, uses crypto-shredding when erasing all content and settings by obliterating all the keys in ‘effaceable storage’. This renders all user data on the device cryptographically inaccessible. IOS devices can have a passcode that is used to unlock the device, make changes to system settings, and encrypt the device’s contents. Until recently, these were typically four numerical digits long.


Phone History and Voicemail Info options allow one to return the call in multiple ways including call back, FaceTime and Messaging. MultitaskingRedesigned switcher, with horizontal scrolling for previewing all running apps, and swipe upward gesture to stop any running apps. An empty Passbook will automatically add a sample pass explaining passbook functionality. The pass text changes slightly for users in British English speaking countries, changing “movie tickets” to “cinema tickets” in the first sentence, and “theaters” to “cinemas” in the last sentence. Set up for iMessage and FaceTime added to initial device first time set up.

Apple Values

Bug fixesPerformance and stability of Contacts and Calendar applications dramatically improved. Updated calculator with extra features in portrait mode, a scientific calculator in landscape mode and an updated icon. Incoming SMS messages now prompts the user to “Close” or “Reply” (formerly “Ignore” or “Reply”). This is a feature that appears in iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey, where you can drag your finger from the bottom-right corner, and you can quickly type in some notes, no matter where you are on your device. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Apple has more big plans for the cameras in future iPhone models, which will also mean new features that we’ll be switching on and off when required. Let’s see an app that’s redesigned for what came before, and lays the groundwork for what’s coming next.

IPhone OS 2 was compatible with all devices released up to that time. The release of iPhone OS 2.1.1 brought support for the iPod Touch . Third-party applications such as those distributed through the App Store must be code signed with an Apple-issued certificate. In principle, this continues the chain of trust all the way from the Secure Boot process as mentioned above to the actions of the applications installed on the device by users. Applications are also sandboxed, meaning that they can only modify the data within their individual home directory unless explicitly given permission to do otherwise.

  • The icons are 180x180px in size for iPhones with a larger screen, usually models over 6 inches, including iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 8 Plus, while it’s 120x120px on iPhones with smaller displays.
  • A new feature in iOS 13 called “context menus” shows related actions when you touch and hold an item.
  • Fixes an issue where Weather widget sometimes failed to load data.
  • Calendar event alerts will be shown also with a pop-up, much like push notifications.
  • IOS was first released alongside the iPhone in 2007 and began running on iPads and models of iPod Touch alike.

The font size of text in Calendar can now be changed in the Accessibility settings. Fixes the alarm bug caused by daylight saving time changing, affected on a part of iPhone and iPod Touch owners living in various countries. ITunes adds iTunes Ping, a social music network and discovery tool .

Stability Of Apps And The Operating System

Line-in recording / audio has been enabled through the headphone jack.The Remote button has been added to Nike + iPod, allowing control of other devices, such as the Apple TV. OtherApp Store, a digital storefront allowing users to buy or download apps. The ability to listen to music through a Bluetooth headset by going to Voicemail and choosing “Bluetooth” as the audio source no longer works . A new category in the App Store could enable themes to be downloaded and then selected within the Settings app. You could also choose different colors and sounds for notifications and set them as a separate theme, which could also be enabled with Automations in the Shortcuts app. With Shortcuts, you can use the app to create launch commands for other apps, and place an icon of your choice on the home screen for it.

Content is downloadable via Wi-Fi and optional 3G service or synced through the user’s computer. AT&T was initially the sole U.S. provider of 3G wireless access for the iPad. Apple announced iPhone OS 2 at the 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 9, 2008, and it was released to the public on July 11, 2008, alongside the iPhone 3G. IPhone OS 2 was the first release to have the App Store, allowing developers to create third-party apps for the iPhone. This OS was made available to iPod touch users for $9.95 in which it introduced key requested features such as a push email. Apple did not drop support for any devices with this release.

The release of 15.4 brought support for the iPhone SE 3rd generation, while the release of iPadOS 15.4 brought support for the iPad Air 5th generation. Siri can now play audio, including music, podcasts, audio books, and radio, with third-party apps. MusicKit — Allows app developers to implement support for various Apple Music features into their apps such as playback, search, playback queues, recommendations and more. Includes a Recents view allowing users to see and access recently accessed files across apps and cloud services. The file system has been updated to the Apple File System on 64-bit devices, which replaces HFS Plus, and is designed for Flash/SSD storage. APFS also features improved security and encryption, and improves system performance.

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