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Virtual garden design

Commission your own work of art, or have a go yourself if you’re really counting the pennies and fancy yourself as the next Banksy. You can buy shades like this at B&Q, or get creative and make your own garden shade ideas out of an old sail or sheet. Make sure you use multi-purpose compost and feed regularly with tomato food.

  • Be sure to paint with a specialist exterior paint to ensure it’s suitable for the space.
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  • If you are looking for a savvy solution while you save for the dream furniture set try upcycling old wooden pallets.
  • It’s a type of daisy that blooms for around nine months of the year and will creep everywhere.

At Ballantine Court, the activities team had originally decided to focus on residents with dementia, however there had been reservations about the residents’ ability to participate given their dementia diagnosis. Also, several of the residents were new to the home and were still being assessed, so there were concerns about stress/distress due to unfamiliarity of their new environment. However, the majority of the residents were mobile and could access the patio and during a planned crafts session, the idea of a gardening project was brought up. Staff used a factsheet from Trellis, a Scottish therapeutic gardening network, to get ideas and safety tips .

Brilliant budget garden ideas

A small garden space – an urban patio, a tiny backyard, or even just a pot by your door – doesn’t have to sacrifice style. InSmall Garden Style, garden designer Isa Hendry Eaton and lifestyle writer Jennifer Blaise Kramer show you how to use good design to create a joyful, elegant, and exciting yet compact outdoor living space. Gardening and garden-related activities can be a fun way of getting nursing home residents more physically active and engaged. For residents with dementia, they can provide opportunities to be involved, express themselves and interact with others. Gardening can also be a way of getting all members of the nursing home community involved in a common project.

Think of parking your lovely vehicle in the resident car park where no weeds and leaves goes in your car. Essentially, My Garden Planner is a design tool customised for gardeners, both professional and hobbyist, and you can upload a photo of your own garden, and choose objects from 14 categories in a drop-down menu. What people never realise, with spaces of any size, big or small, is that you have as much room up as you have out. When people look at photos of my balcony and remark on how much I have on there, I tell them that really, it appears that way because I’m growing at different heights.

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

Put that pile of leftover bricks to good use and make a path that mirrors the shape of your flowerbeds. Lay them long and sideways in a bed of gravel to create a patterned curve. Place on the table as a rustic centrepiece or along walkways to cast light and create a relaxed ambience. To repel insects use candle that contain citronella essential to deter pesky mosquitoes. If you’re struggling with what to do in your garden this August, here are some suggestions… This wood-free decking has a non porous outer layer, so it essentially self-cleans so the rain will do the hard work.