Types of Hardware and Functions

Here are 7 Computer Hardware Components and Functions. From the start of understanding, types to complete functions that can help you to know more about computer hardware.

Motherboard (Motherboard)

Types of Hardware and Functions. This motherboard is the hardware on a computer system which has a function as a place to store various components on a computer such as:
• Processor
The processor is an IC that has a function to control the entire operation of a system contained in a computer and is used as the brain or center of the computer
• Ram
RAM or random access memory is a place that is used for temporary data storage when a computer is running and can be accessed randomly.
• Memory slot
Is Computer Hardware that is used to store memory which is located next to the processor socket.

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Hard disk

Types of Hardware and Functions. The next type of hardware contained in a computer is a hard drive or known as HDD. This is the hardware on a computer that has a function as a secondary storage medium.
In the hard disk itself, you can find more than one disk which has a function to accommodate data using a magnetic system.

PC Cooler or Heatsink

This hardware has a function to reduce the heat generated by a PC when it is being operated.
For the process to cool down the heat contained in the computer can run optimally, the heatsink is installed on top of the processor.


One of the hardware on the next computer is the monitor. This is hardware that is included in the output group which functions to display the results of data processing which can be in the form of graphics.
5.Solid State Drive (SSD)
The next hardware part that you should know is SSD. SSD or Solid State Drive is the latest innovation in hard disk storage.
SSD itself has the same function as a hard drive, but the difference is that the data contained on the SSD will be stored via chips that have higher speed and reliability than USB.


The next example of computer hardware is a keyboard. This keyboard itself is a keyboard that is included in the input device class. The keyboard itself consists of letters and numbers.


In addition to the various computer hardware devices above, there is more hardware in computers, namely printers. This printer itself is included in the output device class like a monitor.
But the difference is, this printer has a function to print the results of data processing which can be text or images.
The text or image is printed on paper so that it can be hardcopy. At the beginning of its development, this printer did have a function to print documents only, but along with the times, the printer had a scanning function.

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