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The Majors of Informatics vs Computer Engineering

The Majors of Informatics vs Computer Engineering

Informatics Engineering is one of the most popular majors by some students who will continue their studies at the university level. The Department of Informatics Engineering is quite difficult, because the competition in universities is getting tougher. Thus, it requires sufficient learning if through the SBMPTN or Independent Examination.

The special requirement to enter informatics engineering is to go through the science department when I was in high school. Unless you want to cross majors, where through a path other than SNMPTN. Computer engineering majors are referred to as computer systems.

Computer engineering is closely related to the discipline of computational engineering or computer engineering combined with computer science as well as electrical engineering.

Likewise, in the department of informatics engineering, the computer engineering major is included in the scientific group. Having similarities in learning, namely regarding the world of technology, both information technology, and computer engineering must have differences in them. To know more about other information about the technology you can visit this site too webimag

So, how and what are the differences between the two majors? The following are some of the differences between the majors in informatics engineering and computer engineering, including:

Discipline of Science

The computer engineering department is a discipline that can be translated into technology and science. Starting from design, building, implementing, and maintaining hardware (hardware) and software (software). While in informatics engineering, the department of informatics is a discipline with a focus on developing computer-based systems and all programming skills, artificial intelligence, and computer networks.


Information technology tends to implementation compared to theory. Focusing on making applications even though the theory is still discussed but not in depth. So that the thesis majoring in informatics engineering is required to make an application. While computer engineering tends to be the science or knowledge of computers compared to making applications. This major is more towards the concept of thinking, how to make an application, and so on. Thus, the thesis in the computer engineering department does not require the creation of an application but a discussion of the theory.

Study Focus

The focus of study of the two majors is clearly different. Informatics engineering focuses more on practice and field studies so that later they can become reliable IT workers, for example in making applications. Computer engineering focuses on strategies and theories for applying computer science such as analysis and software programming techniques.

Curriculum Differences

Informatics engineering majors in the curriculum and courses are more about programming and subsystem skills, while computer engineering is more to study hardware (hardware) and software (software).

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