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The 9 Most Popular Coding Languages

Listing 1 The lex function takes in an argument called chars_iter that provides the characters of the code we are lexing. This can be anything that gives us single characters if we loop through it, for example an ordinary string. We immediately wrap chars_iter in a PeekableStream , which is a little class that allows us to check one character ahead in the stream of characters we are receiving.

All supported quad-names, system and user commands are listed on the Primer tab. • On the other hand, simulation helps engineers to refine the system design and eliminate errors before developing hardware prototypes. Programming for a robot requires designing the controller that governs robot behavior.

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Many start-up organisations today are using NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. Programmers can produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser. Now with JavaScript, you can use a single programming language for server-side and client-side scripts. Software development is an appealing career alternative for many looking to pivot into tech due to jobs not requiring a degree. There are a number of routes into a technology career but many decide to either enrol in a short, intense coding boot camp, or self-tech using online resources if they don’t follow the computer science degree pathway.


The scheme language is an alternate of LISP language, and it has a simpler syntax and features. Any project under the scheme language will result in the re implementation of most of the LISP language. But, this is very popular introductory language in the computer science department of MIT’s.

  • Learning to use command tools to make complex programs including pathfinding algorithms and gyroscopic navigation, they will test their robots in events such as Maze Mapper and Cube Control.
  • Mr Vikraman Choudhury’s research interest are in type theories and programming languages, through the lens of category theory.
  • However, this language is used to design cross platform programs, Since it similar to C++ in structure and syntax.
  • • Java contains all the high-level features needed in robotics industry especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.

MATLAB, and its open source relatives, such as Octave, is very popular with some robotic engineers for analyzing data and developing control systems. While robots are traditionally used in structured environments, with known and regulated inputs and outputs, industrial robots is gaining momentum in the recent years. With this, people are showcasing interest on programming and anyone with some experience in programming want to take advantage of the robot programming. It is predicted that the demand for robot programmers is expected to grow by a large amount over the rest of the decade. Next time, we’ll look at Cell’s parser, and how it takes in tokens and arranges them into a tree shape reflecting the actual structure of the instructions we are giving to the computer.

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It is for this reason that it is a great starting point for a beginner. An offshoot of the original C language, C# (pronounced ‘C sharp’, like the musical note) is a combination of the best features of C and C++. It’s built specifically for Microsoft .NET, and is thus one of the best options for developing code for Windows systems. As such, given Windows’ prevalence in the enterprise world, C# developers are rarely likely to be out of work for too long. The IT industry has long faced a skills shortage with one of the most sought-after skills being programming. Software developers and software engineers are commonly in high demand without the talent available to adequately meet the demands of the job.

Around the world we communicate using thousands of different languages. Now, thanks to advances in modern technology, coding programs allow us to convey instructions to computers and robots in order to communicate with them. The chapters on methods and interfaces introduce Go’s unconventional approach to object-oriented programming, in which methods can be declared on any type and interfaces are implicitly satisfied. They explain the key principles of encapsulation, composition, and substitutability using realistic examples. Without further ado, here are the top programming languages on GitHub. C is another easy-to-learn, multi-purpose language in this list that is hugely popular in the Windows, Linux, and UNIX communities for its powerful capabilities in system scripting applications.

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There is still a huge demand for PHP developers in the market due to the fact that many websites run using PHP as their baseline. Data science, Machine Learning and AI remain three of the top tech trends of 2021. As this triad continue to garner popularity, so too has the programming language, R. Go is designed in such a way that it can readily support multithreading and allows processes to run concurrently. It is for this reason that Go is the language used for creating projects like Kubernetes, Docker and Blockchain, for example. If you are just starting your career in 2021, Python is a language that every programmer should have in their arsenal.

Idris is a programming language designed to encourage Type-Driven Development. Listing 3 _scan_string moves through the characters of the string, and stops when it reaches a matching quote. The characters between the quotes are returned, and this is the value of the token that is yielded from the lex function. Unlike most programming languages, Cell does not provide a way of ‘escaping’ a quote symbol by writing \” or similar. This is a limitation we have chosen to accept to keep our lexer simple.