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The 9 Most Popular Coding Languages

Below you’ll find the best languages to learn in 2022, to kickstart a career in coding or simply bolster your CV in line with the current market demands. Programmers write in high-level languages because they are easier to understand and are less complex than machine code. They allow the programmer to focus on what needs to be done, rather than on how the computer actually works.

  • This book has shown me a greater depth to Go than I imagined possible with such a simple language.
  • Actually I made up the term “object-oriented”, and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind.
  • When I learned C# back in 2004, it was good fun learning with other people across the web.
  • Mr Matthew Le Brun’s research interests are in distributed systems and fault tolerance.

To ensure the best performance of a robot, it will be better to use C++. Scratch is a fantastic kid’s coding language tool, but it doesn’t take long to get to grips with. When it comes to coding for kids, visual programming languages like Scratch offer a solid foundation of programming principles. Scratch is popular because instead of using hard coding, kids can learn through creating, dragging and dropping colourful command blocks. Predominately kids learn better through visual stimulus and this is why simplified, graphical programming tools such as Scratch – which uses pre-arranged blocks of codes – work better for beginners.


Descended from Pascal, with support for structuring via the package. Kotlin is a language developed by JetBrains whose work centres around the development of Android applications. Google has placed Kotlin ahead of Java as the official language for Android development.

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It shows how to write clear and idiomatic Go to solve real-world problems. The book does not assume prior knowledge of Go nor experience with any specific language, so you’ll find it accessible whether you’re most comfortable with JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, or C++. Occam — after William of Ockham, and his Razor A parallel programming language, based on Hoare’s formal language CSP , supported by the inmos Transputer. CLU — Clusters A modular procedural language, with a rich set of types and particular support for user-defined abstract data types, called clusters. These decisions will be based upon the arena you wish to head into or the types of company you wish to work for. Despite the popularity of languages like Python and JavaScript, PHP continues to be used by large companies such as Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia.

Learning these programming languages will help you to develop a robot or securing a job in the robotics industry. But, learning C/C++ on priority basis will help you as they are the best programming languages for robotics. Technically speaking, MATLAB is not a programming language but it is a tool with which you can find engineering solutions based on mathematics. Robotic developers need to learn MATLAB if they want to analyze data, produce advanced graphs or implement control systems. The language is simple, trying to be natural, encourage organization and comes with transparent and visual implementation.

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• Java contains all the high-level features needed in robotics industry especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. The next elif in the lex function checks for a symbol like a variable name. Once we have found a letter or an underscore, we call the _scan function again, and the characters that are allowed include numbers as well as letters and underscores. Notice that at this point, the lexer does not care at all whether this is a variable name, a function name, or something else.

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In simple terms a bug is an issue or error that causes a software program or system to behave in an incorrect or unexpected way. On the science fiction television series Star Trek, the crew of the USS Enterprise program the ship’s main computer in this language. Our summer camps do get booked up, so please get in touch with us now if you would to book your child’s place. Your child will learn to code their bots to perform a variety of fun and challenging tasks, and then at the end of the week, they’ll get to compete in the ‘Grand Finale’ event. Whether your child is a Roblox regular or a total beginner, they will learn how to create an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun-filled week of experimentation, creativity and real-world physics. For 2019, FunTech are offering a brand-new summer holiday course, based on the success of the popular 3D gaming platform Roblox.