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The popularity of the four Marvel TV shows released in 2021 has only served to consolidate the popularity of the franchise. For fans both old and new, watching all 27 Marvel films has become a mammoth task. That’s where we come in, and using our handy guide, you’ll know the best way to watch all the MCU Marvel movies in order.

His old-school filmmaking style suits the gung-ho World War setting. While Chris Evans is brilliant as the weedy soldier that becomes a super soldier, it’s clear he’s still finding his feet in the role, but he has the charisma to pull it off. The moment where the rest of the world really took notice.

Some moved on, like Tony Stark, others, like Hawkeye or Thor, not so much. Building a second gauntlet out of Infinity Stones gathered from throughout time allows those lost in the snap to be brought back for the final showdown, a fists-in-the-air battle that gives everyone a second to shine. After getting an offhand mention in The Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange finally enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film shows his complete origin story, from world-famous surgeon to master of the mystic arts and, like Guardians of the Galaxy, it widens the palette for Marvel Studios productions. Watching the heroes come together for the invasion of New York does everything you expect it to, turning everyone into household names in the process. The changing of leadership from Stark to Rogers starts here, and the upcoming Loki spin-off draws from these events.

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Dropping an unstoppable superhuman in the middle of LA in 1995 should have been way more Terminator 2 than Captain Marvel made it feel. A cracking arrival scene and decent jukebox ’90s soundtrack aside, the rest of the movie ends up feeling pretty much like every other mid-range MCU entry. Brie Larson is fantastic, but she really deserved a better film. Finally giving Scarlett Johansson a bit more to do than just kick people, Black Widow set her up with a decent stand-alone vehicle . Staying mostly grounded and gritty, the last act tanked when the action moved to a big flying factory in the sky. Don’t Worry Darling, where he found love with director Olivia Wilde, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

  • Director Jon Favreau, who at that stage had Zathura and Swingers to his name, had to fight to cast Robert Downey Jr in the title role.
  • So know that even if we’ve put your favourite MCU film is towards the bottom, there’s no judgement here anyway; here is our list of the MCU movies ranked.
  • While Chris Evans is brilliant as the weedy soldier that becomes a super soldier, it’s clear he’s still finding his feet in the role, but he has the charisma to pull it off.
  • Not much has been revealed about the upcoming animated television series, X-Men ’97 but the show is a continuation of the beloved 1992 X-Men animated show with Beau DeMayo writing and producing the show.
  • Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) recently announced that Shawn Levy will be the director of Deadpool 3 although dates for production and the release date are yet to be finalised.

As a huge Mysterio fan (who doesn’t love old fishbowl head?), there’s a real treat in seeing Spidey’s most theatrical villain brought to life by such an accomplished actor. Also, as the kids would say, that illusion fight scene is pure fire. Love and Thunder manage to embrace the silliness of comics while telling a surprisingly poignant story about how fundamentally we all need one thing, love. It also has one of the MCU’s scariest ever villains, Gorr the God Butcher . Kaecilius is such a half-baked villain he’s basically still dough, while the actual plot isn’t the most daring basically serving as a cut and dry origin story. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 isn’t quite as sharp as its predecessor, but it’s still a fun action romp that builds on what director James Gunn established in that first movie.

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As the last Spider-Man movie and Hawkeye both end around the Christmas period, we can guess then that Doctor Strange 2 is in spring the following year. Kate Bishop comes to the MCU in Hawkeye, Clint Barton’s headline project, set during the holiday period of 2024. Their Christmas misadventure has Kate find out in no uncertain terms that being an Avenger is a tough business without many friends. That is, except for Lucky the Pizza Dog and heroes like Clint. Destin Daniel Cretton directs Simu Liu as the lead martial artist who, without spoiling anything, definitely has a future in the franchise.

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Iron Man is the template from which all MCU movies draw inspiration whether they know it or not. The breezy banter, the comic accurate costumes, the explosive action scene, and the weak third act battle. The perfect factory-publishing demonstration that origin movies don’t have to be boring, Shang-Chi managed to blend wuxia action with the patented Marvel formula. The result is a fantastic and frenetic fighting film that doesn’t pull its punches.