He called the following day and soon remedied the problems. As my laptop was running slowly, following a discussion, I asked Neil to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive and increase the RAM by 50%. This has effectively future proofed it and it is significantly quicker. After the visit I realised I had lost my email contacts but this was quickly rectified remotely. Very happy to recommend and I’m pleased to know I have a local specialist should I need assistance in the future. CPS Ltd not only came well recommended by a good friend who actually did work in IT, so I had high hopes of getting a good service.

  • Applications are a brilliant feature of many electronic devices.
  • Nevertheless, if you’re like me, you might have posed the question, what is troubleshooting?
  • Critical product support, upgrades, and alerts on topics such as safety issues or product recalls.

If your motherboard doesn’t have an onboard power button, you can use a screwdriver to jump-start your system. Though it can be hard to pinpoint why your PC is failing to boot, there are built-in tests that can help. Power On Self Test codes and beep codes are visual and audio cues that your motherboard manufacturer uses to communicate the results of internal hardware tests.

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We think our approach, with scalability and real-world use cases held in the highest regard since its inception, has an edge over current state-of-the-art alternatives. Lots of issues can be resolved over the telephone and using remote support software. If the Windows 10 checks went okay, you might want https://www.wikipedia.org/ to try reinstalling all your drivers. As driver updates are always a good thing, this is good practice anyway. Next, check the Safe boot box under the Boot tab and restart your computer. Upon restart, your computer is in Safe Mode and you can begin to detect the software causing your freezing issues.

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I’m able to do high level technical installs/roll out or a more customer focused hardware fixes. I am very technically minded, with experience of computer and software installation. These two young men know what they are doing…and https://www.indiancultureonline.com/ when you get someone who is passionate about what they do… You know the job is going to be done properly…and so it was…I really recommend these two young men their work is legendary Thanks guys…really appreciate it.

Check to see if your motherboard has an onboard power button. Not all of them do; consult your motherboard manual if you’re unsure or having trouble locating it. Using this power button will turn on the system just as a properly wired power button would. After getting your case open, you’ll want to check all the connections from your power supply to the components in your PC, see if any are loose, and then reseat them if they are.

I have worked in Pc/smartphone repairs and maintenance as a professional for a several years, and would be happy to help with any issues you are facing, whether it’s just software or hardware too. I’m highly computer literate, I learn new software quickly and can install and test software functionality as well as successfully add physical hardware and get computers online. I had been putting off doing something about my elderly laptop.

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Remember to swap out the RAM module at least once as well, as the stick you’re using could potentially be the culprit. Make sure the 4/8 CPU and 24-pin motherboard power cables are connected and that the PSU is switched on and supplying power. The next step is to start checking inside your build to ensure that there are no loose or malfunctioning cables. Do you have problems with your WiFi, or internet and you require assistance with any software, Windows PC or MAC. Any IT job is not to small for me from hardware to setting up a printer or moving your data into the cloud.

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Explore the key components that maximize your gaming performance. For a deeper dive on power supply connections, take a look at everything you need to know about power supplies. Acquire a replacement C13 cable if you don’t have any spares. Keep in mind that some particularly power-hungry PC setups use a higher gauge cable, so be sure to replace the cable you were using with a similar gauge. If your system is receiving power, indicated by the LEDs on your PC’s internal components lighting up, you might want to skip to Step 3.

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