This update adds the ability to opt-in to COVID-19 exposure notifications even if you don’t have an app installed, depending on your region. The feature currently works in Washington D.C., Virginia, Nevada, and Maryland. Were also Macro Controls to take advantage of the phone’s ultrawide lens. The biggest feature to be added though is the App Privacy Report. This report shows what data and sensors each app can access, network activity for those apps and other privacy-related data. I’ve tried windows and blackberry smartphones before android came out.

  • In iOS 11, the application switcher receives a major redesign.
  • PrivacyBackground location notifications – popup asking to “continue to allow” apps accessing Location information while running in the background.
  • Until Android Marshmallow was released in 2015, when installing apps on Android, the user was presented with all the permissions that the app is requesting.
  • Inter-app AudioRegister audio streams to share with other apps.

The release of iOS 4.2.1 brought compatibility to the original iPad and was the final release supported on the iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch due to major performance issues. IOS 7.03, released Oct 23, 2013, mostly disabled the gyroscopic compass on the Apple iPod Touch, including new-at-the-time models. Later software updates further restricted compass-related hardware features, to only devices with GPS/cellular connectivity. The next generation of Apple’s iPhone software platform, iOS 14 is full of exciting updates and new features. There are new widgets, which you can put on the Home screen.

March 8, 2021: Apple Releases Ios 14 41 With Security Updates

Android also offers access to Google-based apps, such as Youtube and Google Docs. IOS 15.2 adds Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription tier that provides access to music using Siri. This update also includes the App Privacy Report, new safety features for children and parents in Messages, and other features and bug fixes. Apple announced iOS 13 on June 3, 2019, at its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference event, and it was released to the public on September 19, 2019, alongside the iPhone 11 series . The principal features include dark mode and Memoji support for A9+ devices. The NFC framework now supports reading several types of contactless smartcards and tags.


From now on, whenever one either correctly inputs a passcode or simply slide to unlock on the lock screen, no sound will play when unlocking a device’s lock screen. When playing music, the lock screen will now display the time. Folders change color when apps are downloading and clock-like animated progress graphic is superimposed over folders that have actively downloading apps. New music controls on lock screen when the home button is double-pressed. Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen.

Ios 15 2

Automatic set upAutomatically signs a user into essential Apple services, including iCloud, Keychain, iTunes, the App Store, iMessage, and FaceTime with the given Apple ID. Other Changes and FeaturesRedesigns the Apple Podcasts app and introduces several new capabilities, such as the ability to display seasons, trailers and bonus episodes of a podcast. Also introduces a Listen Now tab granting easy access to new Podcast episodes and episodes currently in the playback queue.

Opportunity to delete games without deleting the apps from a device. Locks the home button from being used, so as to function like a kiosk. AccessibilityGuided AccessAllows user to lock exiting of the app in Single App Mode. Bookmarks button changes to Reading List icon with a progress bar when updating the Reading List for offline use . Bookmarks window now displays tabs along the bottom of the window to switch between viewing “Bookmarks”, “History” and “Reading List”; formerly was listed all in one source list . Phone call doesn’t take up the entire lock screen when a call is incoming.

With Voice Isolation, your mic uses machine learning to block ambient and distracting noises , to make sure your voice comes through loud and clear. The whole group can see what’s next and add songs to a shared queue, with synced playback and easy-to-use controls. Stream movies and TV shows while on a FaceTime call with friends. With synced playback and controls, you’ll see everyone laugh, jump and react to the same moments at the same time. And the volume automatically adjusts, so you can keep talking while you watch.

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