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While there are benefits to picking up an all-in-one, you’re often left paying extra. You could find that an equivalently powered desktop PC is considerably cheaper, even once the monitor and accessories have been taken into account. Gaining popularity in recent years, an all-in-one is essentially a PC with all the workings conveniently placed in the screen. There’s no separate tower to contend with, and they’re easy to set up.

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  • Cheap accessories – While all-in-ones do come with accessories in the box and built in speakers, our tests tend to reveal that they’re rarely great, and usually rather basic.
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Other ports that may be useful are an SD card reader and an Ethernet network. First, a distinction can be made between Apple computers and other computers running Windows-based operating systems. A computer with a good configuration, which also has a Windows 10 operating system, so you will save your purchase separately. As for its design, it is in a great gaming look that cannot go unnoticed.

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Workstations are advanced class of personal computers designed for a user and more powerful than a regular PC but less powerful than a server in regular computing. They are capable of high-resolution and three-dimensional interfaces, and typically used to perform scientific and engineering work. Like server computers, they are often connected with other workstations. The main form-factor for this class is a Tower case, but most vendors produce a compact or all-in-one low-end workstations. Most of tower workstations can be converted to a rack-mount version.

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Cheap accessories – While all-in-ones do come with accessories in the box and built in speakers, our tests tend to reveal that they’re rarely great, and usually rather basic. A desktop PC might allow you to choose the peripherals you would like, but with an all-in-one, you’re stuck with those it comes with, unless you want to shell out and purchase additional accessories. Outside of whether you want a traditional ‘box’ and separate monitor and accessories, it’s the specifications (and what you’ll pay for them) that are the key difference between desktops and all-in-ones.

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For gamers, a computer with a graphics card will give you a seamless gaming experience. Having lots of storage is important if you keep photographs and films on your computer, and we’ve got plenty of desktops with massive 2Tb hard drives. If you’ve got a compact desk space, go for an all-in-one so that the monitor and computer are in the same unit. We also have loads of brightly coloured desktops in shades like red and blue if you’re looking for something to match your office décor.

In any case, there is no denying the important benefits that this equipment offers. Every quality computer guarantees you optimal performance for several years, as well as great value for the price you paid. We’ve aPC buying guidefilled with advice and tips to help you out. And when you’re ready to start shopping, check out ourdesktop best buys anddeals pagefor great offers. Google’s Chrome OS is a viable alternative to Windows and macOS, but desktops running it are rare and best suited to niche uses like powering a restaurant menu display. A fourth option is to buy a desktop with no operating system at all and install an open-source one of your choosing, such as Ubuntu Linux.