This is part of the reason why closing programs you aren’t using can make your computer faster. Think of Ram like a desk and your hard drive like a filing cabinet. You pull files out of the cabinet and it takes a while, but once they’re on your desk, you can reach for them instantly. In the simplest way possible, more of both is better, and each of our laptop reviews will help you out by making it clear what sort of tasks a laptop is good for.

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Lab, we make sure that the tests we’re running represent the sort of things you’ll be doing with your new PC. So whilst we do the things you’ve expect, such as benchmarking tests to check how powerful these machines are, we also record how long it takes to boot up, or transfer data from a USB – tasks that we all do everyday. How many buttons – Most desktop mouse designs have two buttons and a scroll wheel. However, with the introduction of programmable buttons on more advanced models, there can be huge convenience to being able to add your most used keys to the mouse. If you’re buying a desktop PC, then you’ll also have to purchase a monitor to go with it.

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If you see a laptop going for a rock bottom price, it might be because it’s incredibly outdated, uses cheap design materials or a combination of both. Many towers will also have multiple audio ports, including possibly an optical output and ports for individual speaker channels in a surround-sound setup. Make sure that these match up with any gear you may have; the number of surround-sound jacks can vary depending on the PC and its motherboard. Note that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, while reliably present on even the cheapest laptops and many smaller desktops, is not a given on larger towers. A. Both HDMI and displayPort are standard industry cables for connecting video sources to monitors and TVs. If you’re buying a desktop computer for basic home use, either cable will be fine.

The Asus M241 is a low-cost all-in-one desktop that resembles a gold iMac and offers both a peppy Windows 10 experience and powerful sound. Most importantly, we spend a ton of time simply using each desktop computer for everyday activities. We watch movies, do work, play games, and blast music on the speakers, all to get a better sense of which ones are worth your money.

  • We can overlook the disappointing keyboard and mouse when the rest of the package is this good.
  • With a variety of processor, GPU and RAM options from which to choose, you’ll be able to customize a machine that works for your games, and for your monitor.
  • Windows is perhaps abitmore technical, MacOS is abitmore user-friendly, ChromeOS has abitless support for software developers, but it’s really not going to make a lot of difference to the layperson.
  • In fact, there’s very little to dislike about the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook.
  • AMD’s Ryzen chips have appeared in a few all-in-ones, in the form of Ryzen 5 and lower-powered Ryzen 3 processors.

If you want to play video games or perform graphic design tasks, you should choose a computer with a special graphics card, be it NVIDIA or AMD. Can be cheaper – If you already have a monitor and a keyboard and mouse, then a desktop PC can be a good value option compared to an all-in-one. Generally speaking, it can be cheaper to buy a powerful Core i5 or i7-processor desktop, compared to the equivalent on an all-in-one. And, with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, we see this powerful computer getting the fantastic update it rightly deserves. Finally, the Raspberry Pi line gives you a desktop computer and a platform to experiment and create.

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Keyboard quality is impressive and there are a pleasing number of connection options available too, including two USB-C ports, a USB-A port and Bluetooth 5. If you want a Surface Pro-style detachable but you’re on a budget, it’s hard to know where to look. The Microsoft Surface Go 3 is nice but slow, while the Surface Pro 8 is too expensive. Lenovo’s IdeaPad Duetis a good Chromebook option but small and underpowered.

He currently serves as a senior editor at Tom’s Guide covering all things computing, from laptops and desktops to keyboards and mice. Standard PC towers are often the most affordable desktop option, as well as the most basic. With simple designs and plenty of configuration options, a basic desktop tower is still the best option for cost-effective computing power. And thanks to the flexibility of the design you can outfit these standard computers for everything from basic web browsing and media streaming to incredibly demanding uses such as gaming and animation. The first thing you’ll notice about the MSI MEG Trident X is that it’s absolutely gorgeous.

We’ve tested some models that last for more than 15 hours before they need recharging. If you fill up your Ram, some of the things you’re working on will be moved back to the hard drive, making things feel a lot slower. Some cheap computers come with 2GB – this is usually fine on a cheap Chromebook, but some Windows laptops will struggle. Cheap but not cheerful, and packed with slow processors, limited Ram, unpleasant keyboards and screens that are hard to make out.

Microsoft released both 13- and 15-inch versions of the Surface Laptop 4, as well as offering the choice of AMD or Intel hardware. You can check out our Surface Laptop review for more information on that front. That said, an IGP is not the answer for anyone who wants to run intensive 3D games, render architectural simulations, or perhaps train an artificial intelligence algorithm. These situations—especially games, but often pro-grade apps, too—can benefit from more muscular graphics. Times like these call for a graphics card, which will bring its own GPU to the game, and the most powerful of these are found in desktop PCs.

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