We want to know what makes you tick, and about your previous experience, so make sure that you complete your personal statement. We offer a Foundation Year to boost your skills and knowledge – it’s a great way to make your way into higher education. Spend a year in industry getting real world experience with the added benefit of help from our award-winning careers service. This could include presentations, school experience, work experience or laboratory work. All modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time.

  • The requirement for a subject taken to include I for A (A-level equivalent) and II for a B (A-level equivalent) in any required subject.
  • We provide you with all of the resources and study materials you need to complete the course successfully, including the essential reading for each module.
  • We will support you as you develop your programming skills, learn to problem solve using logical thinking and develop the professional skills you will need for your degree and onwards for your career.
  • There are some extra costs that you might have to pay, or choose to pay, depending on your programme of study and the decisions you make.
  • Explore mechanisms for applying your existing C# knowledge to distributed systems or applications while considering key areas like scalability and security.

You will have an interest in understanding how computers work, rather than just wanting to be a user of them. With such exciting opportunities emerging in https://www.wikipedia.org/, we’re seeking applicants who have the initiative to take their learning beyond the tasks that are part of the coursework. We’re living in an exciting age, when visionary technologies are quickly becoming the everyday. Converging technology is creating amazing opportunities for talented computing professionals. The unique skillset you will acquire as a computer science student is in great demand in many different areas.

Additional Costs

You will become familiar with AI techniques and terminology for knowledge representation and searching, and gain an understanding of DM algorithms, and learn how these techniques are used in real world applications. You will be introduced to a practical, hands-on approach to programming where workshops will provide focused practical activity on a managed learning curve. You will learn excellent programming practice through design, implementation and testing, and will be introduced to the basics of structured programming language using an integrated programming environment. Accredited by the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, you’ll be educated to the highest industry standards. The purpose of accreditation is to confirm that our course meets the required standards for entering a career in the IT industry. We’ll ensure you adopt a professional approach, making you aware of laws, regulations and competences needed to work with other IT professionals.

computer science

Different approaches to cross-platform app development will be evaluated, including hybrid mobile app development and rapid mobile app development or codeless mobile app development. The module will then focus on the process of building hybrid or native apps that can run on multiple operating https://www.indiancultureonline.com/ systems. The module will extend your understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and web technologies to the development of modern web applications. The focus of the module will be switched to the amalgamation of server-side programming with AI tools and techniques.

How You Will Learn

Every course at York has been designed to provide clear and ambitious learning outcomes. These learning outcomes give you an understanding of what you will be able to do at the end of the course. We develop each course by designing modules that grow your abilities towards the learning outcomes and help you to explain what you can offer to employers. Year Two of the course will build upon the solid foundations you will have laid down in Year One. You’ll take modules from streams 1 to 5 to deepen your learning and start on two further streams studying intelligent systems and undertake a group engineering project.