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Department Of Computer Science

You learn about the philosophy of AI, how knowledge is represented and algorithms to search state spaces. The module also provides an introduction to both machine learning and biologically inspired computation. For example, you’ll build algorithms and data analysis tools, and develop software user interfaces. Offers will be made on the individual Diploma Course subject and the career-related study qualification. Where there is a subject pre-requisite, applicants will be required to study the subject at Higher Level in the Diploma course subject and/or take a specified unit in the career-related study qualification. Please see the University of Southampton International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme Statement for further information.

computer science

Students who have completed the Pre-University Certificate with a minimum overall GPA of 16/20 and students who have successfully completed the National Entrance Exam will be considered for entry onto our undergraduate programmes. Applicants for programmes with subject specific requirements will need to offer these as normal (please note that combined or integrated science will not normally be acceptable where a stated science is required i.e. Biology or Chemistry). Programmes requiring Mathematics as a specified subject will require both the Compulsory and either M1 or M2.

Learn skills in project management, presentation skills and teamwork which employers value. Develop your skills in computing with a strong programming and mathematics focus. All first year students are offered college accommodation either on the main site of their college or in a nearby college annexe.

Department Of Computer Science Research

A group project will give you first-hand experience of working in a team, and of communication and scale in software engineering. The breadth of our research means you’ll have wide range of options to choose from. With computer science and electronics being part of the same department, you’ll have easy access to modules in these complementary disciplines. A pass in the science Practical is required where it is separately endorsed. Applicants who have not studied the required subjects at A-level can apply for the Engineering/Physics/Mathematics Foundation Year.

An opportunity to gain an additional free qualification that serves as evidence of your Welsh language ability for future employers. You will study the following set of compulsory modules in the early stages of the degree, before specialising according to your own interests in later stages, leading to a dissertation. We hold an annual ‘Project Fair’ giving students the chance to display their third year projects to leading industry experts. Companies such as Google often visit our students to give lectures on ‘how to get a job with tech giants’. A flexibly structured degree path means you have the opportunity to study abroad for a year or work in industry for a year, either locally, nationally or overseas. These practicable and social aspects of her studies exposed Hafsa to employers, presenting tangible links and networking opportunities that would be beneficial after graduating.

  • On campus in London Study on campus in London and the South East with one of our independent member institutions and experience London life.
  • Our lecturers operate an ‘open door’ policy so you can chat with them about any concerns you may be having.
  • We provide a range of study options for international students in partnership with INTO.
  • You will gain invaluable Industry experience while working with business professionals in the area of your choice.

This module will give students an overarching introduction to quantum information processing . At the end of the course the students will have a basic understanding of quantum computation, quantum communication, and quantum cryptography; as well as the implications to other fields such as computation, physics, and cybersecurity. This module is aimed at introducing the principles of concurrency theory and demonstrating how these can be applied to design and implement distributed applications . Advanced concepts of Web services will be studied and placed in the perspective of these principles . • Concepts, principles, practice and philosophy of an Agile approach to software development, contrasting with more structured approaches.

People In The Department Of Computer Science

In this module you will be introduced to some of the most important data structures used in the design and implementation of computer software and shown how these are implemented using Java. You will then learn to analyse the requirements of algorithm resources to allow you to provide a sound basis for objective choice when dealing with competing algorithms. You will be introduced to theory and practice of website design and development and develop knowledge and understanding of human-computer interaction and techniques for designing and analysing user interfaces. You will also gain skills and practical experience of designing, developing and testing websites using HTML5 & Cascading Sheets . Hafsa advises current students looking to pursue a similar career path to ensure they thoroughly investigate what jobs are out there before graduating and identify what jobs they would excel in.

This year Varan will be regularly blogging about his experiences at Birmingham. He also talks about his experiences as an international student, choosing accommodation, and what a day in the life of a student looks like. You may find yourself working in the private and public sector in computing or IT related areas, in sectors such as business, health, education, finance and manufacturing. We offer a range of International scholarships to students all over the world.