In a pretest, no differences were found between the three groups in regard to age, gender, intelligence, socioeconomic status, and phonological awareness. Children in the phonological skills group and the music group showed significant increases in phonological awareness from pre- to post-test. The children in the sports group did not show a significant increase from pre- to post-test. The enhancement of phonological awareness was basically driven by positive effects of the music program and the phonological skills program on phonological awareness for large phonological units. The data suggests that phonological awareness can be trained with a phonological skills program as well as a music program. These results can be interpreted as evidence of a shared sound category learning mechanism for language and music at preschool age.

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  • If language and music share basic processing mechanisms, the effect of both programs on enhancing phonological awareness should be similar.
  • Computer code that communicates with hardware to make it function.
  • Moreover, the mind must separate variation within a category, e.g., induced by variable speakers, from variation that constitutes a change of category.
  • The second task involved listening to music recordings and subsequently identifying the tempo or musical instruments on the recording.
  • To this end, preschoolers were randomly assigned to a music program, a phonological skills program, and a control group that received sports training .

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However, because there was no control group (receiving a non-musical treatment or no treatment), it is impossible to infer the degree of increase in phonological awareness caused by the less effective music program . Moreover, the current experiment is in agreement with the results of Gromko , who demonstrated an association between music training and phonological awareness. The present results extended these findings by establishing the specific causation. Because an experimental design was applied, the current results can be interpreted unequivocally in terms of an enhancing effect of the music training program on phonological awareness in preschoolers.

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