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Computer Systems Engineering

Every effort will be made to update information as quickly as possible should a change occur. This course is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology on behalf of the Engineering Council. Popular careers for graduates from this course include professional roles in computing, engineering and related specialist fields. Among others, computer engineers may specialize in operating systems, computer networks, information systems, computer architecture, computer design and engineering, and software. You’ll discover about biology, computer architecture, hardware and software, game design, computer programming, and data analysis, among other subjects you would not have thought to study about like artificial intelligence.

computer engineering

I’d like to improve my career potential by completing a program of study in engineering, but need flexibility because of family and existing work commitments. The good news is that you can learn everything you need to know about computer science to excel in the IT workforce—even if your undergraduate degree and current position have nothing to do with computers. Forecasted to be a $3.9T market in the future and needs computer scientists to program and code intelligent machines.


These professionals need an educational background in computer science with an emphasis in computer programming. They also need a fundamental understanding of the industry in which they work such as banking, healthcare, insurance, or supply chains. Their skills should include programming languages such as Python, C#, and Javascript. Participants in this course learn about data system design, applications, queries, database architecture, and database management systems. Course content emphasizes relational technology, queries, and data normalization.

  • Providing you with the skills required to commission a complete IT system, this module provides information on network design and implementation, services, security and management of systems.
  • They may design games or use already implemented designs and write coding that brings the game characters, environments and other elements to life.
  • Create designs to address real-world problems in computer software and hardware (analogue & digital) by synthesising ideas into engineering specifications.

For hardware professionals, continuing education in software development can be beneficial and vice versa. As the fields are continually evolving, job candidates will want to go where the opportunities exist. Some corporations may demand employees pursue advanced certifications in hardware or software systems offered by vendors. Certification exams are offered to benchmark skills for a prospective employer or advance in the company. Popular certification categories include Microsoft Systems Administration , Cisco Network , Project Management and VM Ware. There are a great many ways to describe the definition, but one of the ways is a professional who has network, systems, and software engineering experience.

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Classes are highly interactive, with practical application of concepts a key factor, as well as cases drawn from real-life. Workshops, seminars, group tutorials and practical exercises provide opportunities for you to work with your peers and develop the essential people skills to complement your technical ability. Have a look at our careers page for an overview of all the employability support and opportunities that we provide to current students. We offer a range of international undergraduate scholarships for high-achieving international scholars who can put their Nottingham degree to great use in their careers.

Covid Safe Teaching And Learning

Interacting with a diverse group of people enables our students to build stronger learning and university experiences. You can choose which module to study from the available options for this component. There may be limited opportunities to continue on the course/be eligible for the qualification if you fail. Evaluation criteria for the College of Engineering include GPA, math and science grades, and rigor of high school classes. Enrollees learn to edit, compile, debug, and manipulate files using commands and end-user tools.

This computer motherboard used in a personal computer is the result of computer engineering efforts.