Students may save money by attending public universities in their home states or completing two years of community college before enrolling in a bachelor’s program. Computer engineers build tools for others and stay up to date on current practices. Should you accept an offer of a place to study with us and formally enrol as a student, you will be subject to the provisions of the regulations, rules, codes, conditions and policies which apply to our students.

  • These components make the firm’s operating systems more efficient, so the workflow can proceed smoothly.
  • Introduces students to the object oriented design programming techniques, including different programming languages, data manipulation, and sorting.
  • The last two years focus on foundational classes in computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics.

Try to think of the areas within technology computer science that interest you most. For example, some professionals build new computers and analyze the parts as a hobby. These professionals may be interested in studying or working in hardware engineering. If you’re interested in designing computer programs and writing computer code, you may be more interested in software engineering.

You will be fully supported by an academic member of staff who will visit you in the workplace and meet you regularly to discuss your placement work. Gain a solid foundation in all aspects of engineering in specialist labs on our Medway Campus and choose the area you want to specialise in later in your studies. How do we look beyond existing systems to address the technology needs of tomorrow? Course texts and other study resources are available from the Drill Hall Library.

Learning & Teaching

Students who plan to pursue a master’s degree or a doctorate in the future should consider pursuing a BS. Universities across the country offer computer engineering degrees that can prepare new graduates for work in many industries. Computer science degrees typically appeal to persistent, competitive people who love solving problems. Coders and programmers may advance to computer engineers, but this career requires more than a love for coding. Candidates may also need at least a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience. Operating Systems focuses on the internal structure of modern multi-tasking operating systems.

computer engineering

You’ll study material including data structures, algorithms, electromagnetism and Java programming. An advanced construction project gives you the opportunity to apply your skills of design, engineering, problem-solving and project-management. Year 1 provides you with a grounding in electronic principles, circuits, components and devices. There’s a strong emphasis on mathematics and computing, including learning the C and Python programming languages.

What Do Similar Computer Careers Make?

The second-year modules include Microprocessors and Internet of Things , Introduction to Artificial Intelligence , Electrical and Electronics Principles, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers, and Engineering Industry Practice. In most cases you will study one module per component, but in some cases you may need to study more than one module. For example, a 30-credit component may comprise of either one 30-credit module, or two 15-credit modules, depending on the options available. A component may have a set module which you must study, or a number of modules from which you can choose.


They also research the software and hardware that are part of a company’s computer systems in addition to ways in which the systems are being used. Other duties that a computer systems analyst performs include training the end-users and creating instruction manuals for customer or employee use. A forensic computer analyst uses a range of specialized software and other techniques to analyze, retrieve and secure data linked to a variety of criminal activities, such as network intrusions, hacking, online fraud and scams.