These subjects are focused on the key conventions of computation and programming, as well as the mathematical principles which underpin computer science and engineering. This course is for anyone interested in computers, computing systems and software. Directed specialisms for modules and projects include IT infrastructure and cyber security and very large scale integration design, object orientated software and computer networks. With your final year project you will have the chance to work with research groups on latest advances and technology. Computing is at the core of today’s society, as almost every aspect of day-to-day life depends on digital technology, and data processing in particular. Our group is engaged in a wide range of research aspects related to Computer Engineering, with a focus on building Scalable, Sustainable and Resilient computing infrastructure.

  • These professionals research and design new solutions, staying ahead of updates in the field.
  • For many technology-focused degrees such as computer engineering, online programs are the norm.
  • The Align master’s program adds on a rigorous two semesters of computer science classes to help students prepare for master-level coursework.
  • Building your practical experience and confidence in using a range of research methods, the aim is to demystify research and recognise the everyday skills and techniques which are involved.

Read on to find out what computer engineering students study and where they can work. Individuals working in this area design technology for enhancing the speed, reliability, and performance of systems. Embedded systems are found in many devices from a small FM radio to the space shuttle.

Can I Get A Computer Engineering Degree Online?

Fees are assessed based on your country of domicile, with students domiciled in the EU charged international fees. The University of Greenwich accepts a broad range of international qualifications for admission to our courses. Our research provides innovative solutions that benefit business, industry and communities in the UK and across the world and has won a series of awards. You’ll find plenty of courses to choose from, historic campuses, and fellow students from more than 150 countries. Although it appears to be a geeky profession at first, that statement cannot be more detached from the truth. Engineering is a state of mind, an exquisite mind that solves all issues on the go, helps the management make only the right decision, and encourages the colleagues to further their knowledge seamlessly.

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Our PhD researchers also offer lab support, which our undergraduate students find very useful. Our BEng Computer Engineering offers the chance to create applications for robots, embedded and real-time systems, and other innovative information and communications technology. You’ll learn about theoretical programming and gain practical experience in developing applications for computing platforms and hardware. Professionals can specialize in a certain area of technology within the computer engineering field.

Computational Science And Engineering involves the design of computer systems and related devices. It uses the techniques and principles of electrical engineering and computer science, but also covers areas such as artificial intelligence , robotics, computer networks, computer architecture and operating systems. The electrical engineering aspect of the discipline includes designing application devices, interface hardware, memories, and computer chips. The computer science component involves software engineering, programming, operating systems, algorithms and data structures.

This module covers advanced analytic mathematical techniques used to provide exact or approximate solutions to common classes of ordinary differential equations typical in Engineering. This module will teach you the required mathematical skills and suitable software tools needed for you to start modelling these problems yourself. Electrical and electronic engineers are often required to analyse and solve the problems they encounter. Group projects, presentations and seminars enable you to gain the skills and understanding essential for the workplace.