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Computer Science, Bsc Hons

The course is designed with the inputs from our industry professionals to deliver the syllabus that is up-to-date and reflects employment trends. Find information on employers in information technology, media and internet, business, consulting and management, and other job sectors. The placement year taught me how to interact with different people throughout the company at differing levels and how to approach conversations to get the maximum amount of information out of them.

computer science

You will have an interest in understanding how computers work, rather than just wanting to be a user of them. With such exciting opportunities emerging in computer science, we’re seeking applicants who have the initiative to take their learning beyond the tasks that are part of the coursework. We’re living in an exciting age, when visionary technologies are quickly becoming the everyday. Converging technology is creating amazing opportunities for talented computing professionals. The unique skillset you will acquire as a computer science student is in great demand in many different areas.

People In The Department Of Computer Science

Applicants are advised to contact their Faculty Admissions Office for more information. We are committed to ensuring that all learners with the potential to succeed, regardless of their background, are encouraged to apply to study with us. The additional information gained through contextual data allows us to recognise a learner’s potential to succeed in the context of their background and experience.

This course offers some modules taught through the medium of Welsh or bilingually for students who consider themselves to be fluent Welsh speakers. For more details on the provision available see the Welsh Provision expander below. • You will have access to dedicated computer laboratories and specialised equipment for projects, including Arduinos, smart home technologies and virtual reality headsets. We have a direct Apply System which makes application easy and fast for international students. I believe that cyber security will become one of our key threats, and so we might have to think more carefully about the role of human behaviour and psychology in the systems we design and build in the future. This diversity is one of the reasons why Steven has been with the company ever since and is still involved in projects that he started working on as part of the graduate scheme.

However, there are additional sources of support depending on where you live and how you choose to study. If you are unsure as to which entry route you are eligible for, please apply via the standard entry route only. If you do not meet all of the entrance criteria for this route your application will automatically be considered for Performance-Based Admission. TheOnline Libraryprovides access to over 100 million academic electronic items comprising E-books, E-journals, conference proceedings, etc. In addition, students can request items which are not held in the library via the library’s Inter-Library loans service with the British Library. Our suite of BSc Computer Science degrees use creative interactive approaches delivered through Coursera, the world’s largest online learning platform, to provide immersive learning experiences.

  • You’ll be supported by a personal academic tutor and have access to a senior tutor.
  • There’s also an informal lab, with group-work areas, projectors and whiteboards.
  • Your first year and second year are comprised of compulsory computer science subjects, and you’ll receive a comprehensive education in fundamental, relevant subjects.
  • You’ll deepen your understanding of computer science by studying topics, such as artificial intelligence, communication protocols and the TCP/IP layered model.
  • However, tutorials offer a level of personalised attention from academic experts unavailable at most universities.

Holders of the Shahadat-al-thanwiia-al-a’ama are not normally eligible for direct entry onto our undergraduate courses without completion of a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our foundation pathways. Your first year and second year are comprised of compulsory subjects, and you’ll receive a comprehensive education in fundamental, relevant subjects. You’ll be given an overview of the subject and gain a firm foundation in the principles of algorithms, artificial intelligence, software engineering and relevant maths. You’ll also learn computer programming in Java – a language widely used in business and industry. This module builds on the foundation of object-oriented design and implementation found in CO320 to provide both a broader and a deeper understanding of and facility with object-oriented program design and implementation.

Hence, the module will be of value for students who aspire to establishing their own business and/or introducing innovation through new product, service, process, project or business development in an established organisation. The module complements students’ final year projects in Computing, Law, Biosciences, Electronics, Multimedia, and Drama etc. Cyber security has always been an important aspect of computing systems but its importance has increased greatly in recent years. The curriculum covers areas where cyber security is of major importance, but have different security requirements and may be exposed to different threats and attacks.

English Language Tests

You can select your own area of study, identify and develop a realistic problem and, working independently and in a professional manner, organise, sustain and report on your project in a way which is both detailed and reflective. You will learn in detail how the Internet works, from local area networks to global networks. This will include designing and troubleshooting networks, and configuring and testing network applications.

SPM 1119 minimum grade C may be accepted for a range of programmes with a four year validity period. For Medicine country specific requirements, please visit ourApplying to Medicine website. If you are a student of any other college and you wish to be considered for second year entry, you must submit your full transcript and a copy of the syllabus you have followed so that we can assess your suitability. Students from INTI College and Prime College may be considered for direct entry to the second year of our Engineering programmes. Holders of the Malaysian Ministry of Education Matriculation Certificate in Science can be considered for entry to year one of Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. We may also accept your English language grade from the German Abitur if you achieved 10 in English (taken as an achievement/main/ intensive course. Please note this is only valid for 2 academic years after qualification.

General Additional Costs

Applications of the technology that will be used are from across sectors including the computer games industry, medicine, energy, engineering and science. You will develop your programming to an advanced level of understanding and experience of modern interactive 3D engine development. In my first year everyone was fed in through the same stream, we studied four modules , so we took, programming- you get to learn about coding and different programming languages. The third module you’ll study at level four is models and methods of computing, this was the maths-based module and you’ll be exposed to theorems and truth tables and binary, it really will shape your understanding in computing logic.