I have worked in Pc/smartphone repairs and maintenance as a professional for a several years, and would be happy to help with any issues you are facing, whether it’s just software or hardware too. I’m highly computer literate, I learn new software quickly and can install and test software functionality as well as successfully add physical hardware and get computers online. I had been putting off doing something about my elderly laptop.

  • Take the time tobecome familiar with the other tabs especially the Process tab.
  • You can avoid running into this problem again by installing reliable anti-virus software.
  • Instead, we’re covering steps you can take to identify the problem and fix it.
  • Double-check that your PC’s power supply on/off switch is on.
  • You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

He called the following day and soon remedied the problems. As my laptop was running slowly, following a discussion, I asked Neil to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive and increase the RAM by 50%. This has effectively future proofed it and it is significantly quicker. After the visit I realised I had https://www.indiancultureonline.com/ lost my email contacts but this was quickly rectified remotely. Very happy to recommend and I’m pleased to know I have a local specialist should I need assistance in the future. CPS Ltd not only came well recommended by a good friend who actually did work in IT, so I had high hopes of getting a good service.

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I’m able to do high level technical installs/roll out or a more customer focused hardware fixes. I am very technically minded, with experience of computer and software installation. These two young men know what they are doing…and when you get someone who is passionate about what they do… You know the job is going to be done properly…and so it was…I really recommend these two young men their work is legendary Thanks guys…really appreciate it.

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If your system turns on when using the onboard power button, or when jumping the headers with a screwdriver, it could be that your case is the problem. If your case has a reset button, you’ll find it’s wired to the reset switch headers near the power button headers. Try replacing the cables to your power button headers with those from the reset button.

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To see if your product is under warranty, look for the inventory/local asset register sticker. If it has been applied by Computing Services, then it will give details of the warranty information, as well as the item’s asset number. Please have this information handy if you contact IT Support. This is an advanced tool that I use for troubleshooting network connectionproblems.

I have been using this company for some time, and Neil and the team have been exceptional in delivering their service. Prompt response in all their communication and a brilliant service. I am not particularly IT savvy and Neil provided a new laptop, transferred https://www.wikipedia.org/ all the data from my old one to the replacement and made the whole process easy. I would not use any other company and highly recommend them. If you’re still having trouble, use a search engine to find out if the fault with the application is universal.

You’ll want to make sure your PSU is powering your motherboard and CPU, but otherwise, your system should be stripped of any non-essential hardware. If your PC won’t turn on but motherboard light is on, a potential culprit is the power button on the case itself or the wires connecting that button to the motherboard. If you’re not getting a POST code, and you’ve already followed the steps above, then it’s worth making sure that your motherboard’s BIOS is current. Though these indicators can be useful, every motherboard manufacturer uses a different system of codes. Check your motherboard documentation or search online for the codes your motherboard manufacturer uses to see if you can identify the issue you are experiencing. Beep codes are the auditory equivalent of POST codes.

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