Benefits of Computer Networks in Education

It doesn’t feel like technology is growing in seconds, let alone hearing the word internet. Benefits of Computer Networks in Education. A borderless network that makes it easier for people to see the outside world and learn from the information they get from the outside world. More and more businesses are also supporting people’s economy from an object called technology and the internet.

Benefits of Computer Networks in Education. Starting from leaders to ordinary employees whose work is related to data and the use of internet access. If you have this, of course, you are willing to spend personal money to learn to operate computers. But have you ever thought about the benefits of computers for your activities?

Some of you will answer the benefits of computers:
Tools that make typing documents easier.
An entertainment facility for playing online games.
Entertainment means downloading movies or Mp3 songs.
A place to store personal data in softcopy form.
A place to communicate with other people through social media related to the use of internet networks.

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As a Material Presentation Tool for Teachers & Students

Before being replaced by computers, to support material introduction activities with presentations you usually used an OHP machine. Now with the help of a projector, you can present material in slide form using a computer connected to the projector with the help of a VGA cable and power cable.

Computing Machine Replaces Calculator

You used to calculate many numbers with a calculator manually, now on your computer, you can calculate many numbers using the Microsoft Excel feature. But on the computer itself, there is actually a calculator feature in the Accessories menu. The use of computers as calculating machines is very helpful for students and teachers in the field of accounting education, for example, Accounting Management at the institutional level and Accounting Vocational Schools.

Make it easier for Teachers & Students in Typing

Around the eighties, to the nineties, typewriters were still the mainstay in writing reports or writing books with good results and easy-to-read people. But around the end of the nineties until now its position was replaced by a computer that was known to be simpler and more effective in producing easy to read and even accurate writing.

As Additional Reference Material for Learning Materials

If you already have benefits in adding information both about education or daily life in other places. So a computer connected to internet access makes it easier for you to add references to knowledge in the same learning material.

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