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BA Hons Politics and International Relations Course

You’ll consider America’s international role and the relationship between its domestic and international policies. Examine the state of international relations theory, beginning with an analysis of realism. You’ll consider whether we are returning to geopolitics reminiscent of the Cold War era. You’ll consider contemporary security topics such as migration, environment, terrorism and warfare, foreign affairs, European integration/withdrawal and home security. You’ll cover international terrorism, responsibility to protect , border security, human and environmental security.

  • On the evening of 2 August 1914, Germany demanded that its troops be allowed to pass through Belgian territory.
  • We have seen men and women believing that the European prospect was one of openness and of a better life.
  • The Department has a strongly cosmopolitan character and alumni can be found in the world’s leading political science departments, as well as in journalism, commerce, central and local government, and non-governmental organisations globally.

News of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was met with shock and surprise in Britain, but it was regarded as a distant crisis. As the crisis grew, British involvement remained uncertain, even as the threat of war spread across Europe. Many did not want to fight and believed that Britain should not get involved.

Boris Johnson’s government spent nearly £1bn on advertising in just three years

Studying politics puts you in a strong position to understand these developments and engage with these debates. There may also be some additional costs to take into account throughout your studies, including the cost of accommodation. Due to immigration laws, if you are an international student on a Student Visa, you must study full time. For more information about visa requirements and short-term study visas, please visit theInternational Visa and Immigrationpages. If you choose to take a placement year, and your course offers it, you can apply for the Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan for your placement year.

You will also think about how war should be conducted and how they should end. You will examine arguments dating from Aristotle, early Christianity and the Enlightenment through to the present day. You will also examine alternative perspectives, such as Asian perspectives of just war, forms of pacifism and nonviolent resistance. Our politics degree teaches you to understand not just political concepts, but also how politics is studied and researched. This module will give you an overview of the different theoretical and methodological approaches used to study the political world.

School of Social & Political Sciences

Those who were already vulnerable are facing even greater challenges to their immediate safety. Women are giving birth in basements or in high-stress conditions, with an estimated 80,000 women expected to give birth in the next three months while maternal health services are extremely strained. Men are forced to remain behind while women and children migrate out of Ukraine to neighbouring countries. And as neighbouring countries welcome refugees from Ukraine, LGBT+ persons are entering countries with active hostility towards them.

Politics and War Studies BA Hons

These are optional and are not required to pass your course but under normal circumstances we would expect a budget of approximately £150 per year will cover the costs of particular trips. The amount spent would be based on location and number of trips taken. For some assessments you may be required to print large format posters for presentations at a cost of £5–£10 per poster. The entry requirements listed here are our typical offer for this course if you wish to begin studying with us in 2022.