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9 New Technology Trends In 2022

It’s important to note that JUICE won’t be searching for signs of life on these moons, just the appropriate conditions to support it. In other words, to confirm the presence of salty, liquid water below the surface ice. The island city-state of Singapore is also exploring its underground options.

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In the longer term, quantum computers promise rapid advances in everything from weather forecasting to AI. “There are two goals,” explains Dr Giuseppe Sarri, the JUICE project manager. Jupiter is a gas giant with over 70 moons, and for our understanding of the formation of the Solar System, studying a mini solar system is scientifically useful.

Withings Body Scan

Astronauts installed custom attachments to the printer, which let the device fuse regolith rather than its usual plastic—a first for 3D printing in space. The simulated moon bricks splashed down on the pale blue dot in September and are being tested for strength. Researchers hope that supersized versions of the machine will someday turn real moon dust into essential infrastructure, such as lunar roads and landing pads. The year began with an all-remote Consumer Electronics Show, an event that offered scaled-back product lines with nebulous shipping dates. Despite all that uncertainty, 2021 turned out to be an important year for gadgets, largely thanks to the big players absorbing some of the chip shortage impacts.

  • The Moto 360 smartwatch is a beauty that’ll look at home on even the most well-to-do wrists thanks to its classy stainless-steel body, rotating crown, leather strap and weighty feel.
  • Anyone who’s ridden a tilting three-wheeler like the Yamaha Niken or Piaggio MP3 has probably idly wondered what might happen if similar chassis tech was applied to a full-blown superbike.
  • The next exceptional technology trend – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality , and Extended Reality .
  • “There are two goals,” explains Dr Giuseppe Sarri, the JUICE project manager.
  • The earbuds capture the human voice from within the ear, reducing ambient noise by about 30 decibels, making it possible to hear and be heard even in the noisiest environments.
  • More refined than the Fitbit Charge 2, the Charge 3 is one of the company’s most accomplished devices.

Along with some of the best quality video we tested and a nice square video shape that shows you more of your doorstep than most, we like that it has a built-in siren you can set off from the app if you spot someone suspicious. Offering a good balance between price, premium features, and usability, Arlo’s Video Doorbell is our top choice for the best video doorbell if you want a high-quality smart doorbell that works reliably without being annoying. Sound quality has stepped up a notch as far as offering something that’s more balanced.

Leveraging Ai To Secure Cloudops As Threat Surfaces Grow

However, some of the headsets like the Oculus Rift are an affordable and reliable solution for gaming. These new networks will empower entirely new fields of tech, from driverless cars, drone air traffic control to peer-to-peer virtual reality. MindLAMP can compare a battery of psychological tests with health tracking apps to keep an eye on your wellbeing and mental acuity. The screenome project wants to establish how the way you use your phone affects your mental health, while an app called Mindstrong says it can diagnose depression just by how you swipe and scroll around your phone. The fantasy of controlling our devices through speech is becoming a reality, even though they can only handle simple commands or enquiries and their speech patterns sound robotic.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

You can even store over 100 treats in the device and remotely toss them to your pet to keep them entertained with a tasty game of catch. As the world continues to work remotely and online meetings become a part of everyday life, the tech has stepped up to make the process more efficient and immersive, with the meeting owl pro being a great example of that. There are controls on the side but the speakers also work with Sonos’s S2 app, which means you can send music seamlessly to different parts of your home, and access the full range of streaming services that plug into it. And a chamois cloth beside your console, there’s not a lot you could do about it…