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Month: September 2022

Besides jewellery, what else are diamonds used for?

It features a De Beers Forevermark solitaire diamond surrounded by a delicate pavé setting. Industrial drills need to be able to crack hard rock deep beneath the Earth’s surface. These gigantic drill bits may be used to drill miles underground. Diamond solitaire stud earrings,…...
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The 9 Most Popular Coding Languages

Listing 1 The lex function takes in an argument called chars_iter that provides the characters of the code we are lexing. This can be anything that gives us single characters if we loop through it, for example an ordinary string. We immediately wrap chars_iter in…...
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Industrial Goods & Services

Customers are more informed and sophisticated, with unprecedented access to product and competitive information. Even who your customer is can change in a short space of time, as channels to market evolve and geographical barriers disappear. At SGS, we can provide you with the necessary…...
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Environmental Products and Services Ltd

You can find the location of the model number of your product via this tool by selecting the product group and category below. "The person who sold me the item/service acted aggressively/misled me. I'm entitled to a partial refund under the Consumer Protection from Unfair…...
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Save time with our assembly service via TaskRabbit

Whether you’re looking for a physical product or a service to sell, your offering can be split into two categories. Worcester Bosch Group will introduce you to a Worcester Accredited Installer who is authorised and regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority who will broker the…...
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