Computer engineers are also needed to program and engineer the hardware of AI machines. The difference it makes to prospects for internships and jobs is incredible. Companies really want to hear about what you can do in Computer Science and Engineering because it’s a set of skills that they’re always looking for. Right from the first day of first year, I could see the purpose of what I was being taught and how valuable it would be.

computer engineering

Please contact the university’s Visa and Immigration team if you need advice about your visa options. In a world filled with smart devices to a global need to create green energy, our course provides a detailed insight into the computing systems and software needed to advance all technology. In the UK, full-time students are expected to spend 1,200 hours a year learning. That’s about 40 hours of classes and independent study each week during term time.

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Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics explores a variety of topics within discrete mathematics. The module introduces the concepts of using discrete mathematics to model and solve problems. It provides you with the opportunity to study modern topics within mathematics, gaining an appreciation and understanding of the algorithms involved in the graphs and networks used in computers and route planners such as Google Maps. You will additionally focus on combinatorics, which involves the selecting or counting of objects to satisfy certain criteria and deciding when the criteria can be met.

  • I’m looking for an opportunity to make a career pivot, shifting from information systems to a career in software development and engineering.
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Embedded Systemsintroduces you to the principles of embedded systems as essential tools for enabling many other advanced technologies that we see or experience around us. The basics of the hardware and software unique to microcontrollers, as core components of embedded systems, are introduced. You will have the opportunity to program a microcontroller and apply this skill to communicate with, or control, external devices. Furthermore, you will gain a practical understanding of the key concepts of robotic programming including its hardware, architecture and software solutions. This module provides first year undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with the technical skills required to analyse, design and implement solutions to practical engineering problems. A lot of the things you learn will be done in labs either working individually and through group projects.

Computer Engineering

Further information for international students about how to apply is available at /applyinternational. Edge Hill University offers a range of scholarships with a competitive application process for prospective full-time undergraduate students. Subject to eligibility, UK students joining this undergraduate degree can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the Government to cover the full cost of tuition fees. UK students enrolling on the programme may also be eligible to apply for additional funding to help with living costs. Please note, the availability of these additional activities cannot be guaranteed for all students. A four-screen CAVE provides a super immersive 3D virtual environment, enabling users to immerse themselves in a virtual room and experience real life scenarios in 4K resolution.

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This module covers some of the essential skills and knowledge which will help you to study independently and produce work of a high academic standard which is vital for success at York. Open source research is at the heart of our work, and we are active in several open source communities. The code developed under different projects, as well as collected datasets, are made available online. If you are a UK student or have settled/pre-settled status and you want to study part-time then you apply to the university directly.