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programing language

Compound Information Varieties

The basic data structure is a tree. Plan9 command language shell, ported further to Unix. Lisp-like designed to be developped by the programmer. Language and environment for statistical computation and graphics. Derived from the S language it is similar to Scheme.

Visual language with symbolic icons. To add logical processing to a procedural language. Subsets have been carried out. PL/M, Programming Language for Microcomputers. High-stage language for Intel’s microprocessors. Interpreted, dynamic for scripting, its murky syntax let it called “read-solely language”.

  • High-stage programming languages require much less data concerning the hardware in comparison with low-stage programming languages.
  • This is as a result of excessive-level programming languages abstract away the hardware this system is operating on.
  • On the opposite hand, low-degree languages normally convert the entire supply code to machine code before operating, because the supply code is so near the hardware that it’s easy to do so.
  • Many high-level languages require an interpreter to run the source code on the hardware in actual time.

Java-like language designed to syntactically encourage good coding practices and discouraging bad habits. Compile to bytecode for the JVM.

Inspired by APL, array processing language for monetary apps. Scripting interpreted or compiled language. Functional interpreted language primarily based on term rewriting.

By Rob Pike at Bell Labs, who additional will make Go, one other concurrent language. Derived from Squeak, it eases to make GUIs. Named after the language imagined by Orwell. Port to the JVM of the Rexx scripting language used at IBM. Modula with coroutines, need to be a system and utility language. Functional language inspired by ISWIM.

Functional language, has impressed Haskell. Programming language that uses algebraic notation for expressions. Scripting language initially an extension to C, now standalone. By Mozilla, typed dialect of JavaScript close to C, and compiled to JS. LINC 4DL. Predecessor of EAE and AB Suite, two code generators by Unisys. Want to build a program from a treeview rather than a text editor. Is a rework of APL, for mathematics and data analysis.

Alternative to Go, LLVM primarily based. Refal, REcursive Functions Algorithmic Language. Functional, goal-oriented pattern matching.

The similar precept was used for the OpenBlocks Java library. To write concise code Java appropriate. By Rob Pike at Google to handle log data of its servers. Bell Laboratories, John Chamber. Rust, red hair in old English. Concurrent language by Mozilla Labs impressed of C and LLJS and improved for security.

programing language

Functional algebraic language, launched monads, then called “instructions”. ML-derived, useful and crucial language on a digital machine.